Hello World! ( All time Famous Quote )

Welcome to my Site – Vignesh Official Dot Com ( well that’s me, if you’re still wondering ).
I hail from the soils of Mysuru. I have a degree in Engineering ( how did that happen!! ) in Computers( ISE rather).

We meet again

Fun Fact

I’m roughly 5 and half foot tall guy wandering around mostly in the city of Bengaluru

Who Am I


Interactive Developer

I wish I could say I’m an Artist or a Poet,

But, here’s the thing I’m not.
But, similar to an Artist or a Poet – I do spend a lot of time thinking ( literally ) only in this case in front of a Computer.

There you go, I’m a computer guy who spends a lot of time thinking in front of a computer. Also, when I’m done thinking; in my spare time, I develop sites and applications that humans can use to do stuff.

That’s all I do for a living (Phfff!).

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I keep relocating like every now & then, but you can follow me right where I go ( Whoa! How? )

Contact me on social media. ( If I were you I’d follow me on Twitter :))